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How to choose seasonal flowers for your wedding

a table decorated with flowers in bud vases

You have decided to use all British flowers for your big day but here comes the headache - how on earth do you decide on what flowers you would like to have?! Will there be flowers available to match your colour scheme? Is there even much choice for the time of year of your wedding? Follow this simple guide to help you on your way.

Get Inspired

A great place to start is to do some research. Try googling seasonal British flowers for your wedding date, or have a look on Pinterest and see what comes up. Have a think about the the season in which you are getting married - what colours come to mind, can you use that to inspire you and get a feel for what you would like?

Find a British flower florist

Have a look around for a wedding florist who specialises in using British flowers. A great place to find such people is on the Flowers From the Farm website where you can find florists who are local to you or to the venue you are planning to use. Once you have found your florist, they will be able to show you examples of what will be available at the time of year of your weding - I like to show clients examples from previous work, or send them one of my flower planning guides specific to the season they are getting married.

Do you have a colour scheme in mind?

If you have an idea of the kind of colours you would like for your flowers, that is a great start.

Flowers in a bronze urn with taper candles on a white table

From this point, your wedding florist will be able to show you some examples of seasonal flowers that will be available at that time in your chosen colours. You might not have an idea of specific colours but do you know whether you would prefer brights, pastels or muted colours? This is also great intel for your florist!

Do you know what style you are looking for?

Would you like your bridal bouquet to look wild and relaxed? Do you love trailing bouquets? Would you prefer a more traditionally shaped bouquet? Knowing this will help you and your floirst decide on what kind of flowers are going to suit you best! If you aren't sure what style you would like to go for yet, have a look on Pinterest and make a board of everything that grabs you - you will start to see a pattern emerging. You can share any finds with your florist and this will give you a great starting point for planning your own flowers.

What don't you like?

Maybe you really just want seasonal flowers and you are happy to let your florist run wild with their ideas. In this case, it is really helpful to consider if there is anything you really wouldn't like - perhaps there is a particular flower you can't stand because of it's over powering scent or connotations (some people consider certain flowers bad luck) or maybe there is a colour that you would rather not be in your bouquet. It's good to have these points in mind to pass on to your florist.

If you would like some help choosing your wedding flowers, please get in touch using the contact form, or you can subscribe to our mailing list and recieve your free flower planning guide.

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