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Mother’s Day

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Mother’s Day 2021, was really the beginning of From the Patch. My first order to come through, via the website, was for Mother’s Day and in all honesty, it was completely unexpected.

When I made the decision at the end of 2020, to sell the flowers we grew the following year, I said

‘If I could just sell one bunch of flowers, I’d be happy…’ and here I was, not quite finished with February, with not a flower yet in sight, staring at my first order in my emails. My initial thought was that I couldn’t possibly complete the order and I started to type my email … and I can’t actually remember what made me stop and think ‘no, I can do this!’ but something did. And thank goodness, because that first order gave me the confidence to promote our flowers for Mother’s Day and I very soon booked myself up for a busy weekend of making flowers!

This years Mother’s Day looks a bit different. I’m surefooted (mostly!) in what I’m doing, with a year's experience of selling flowers under my belt. Our flowers are quite a bit behind this time last year, so I have ordered in a selection of gorgeous British blooms to add to our own. I have my own little flower studio in which to create and I absolutely can’t wait to make something special for each of you who have kindly ordered with us.

So here is a big thank you to all of our new customers and to all of our returning customers for sticking with us!


From the Patch xx

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