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How do I look after my flowers?

Jar of Flowers

To keep your jar arrangement looking its best, make sure you change the water every couple of days. When some of the blooms begin to look a bit tired, why not take them out and add in some of your own flowers to refresh the display.


When you get your flowers home, snip the ends off before placing them into a clean vase of fresh water. Change the water every couple of days to help keep your flowes looking fresh for longer.

Please note: If your bouquet includes Daffodils, try not to re-cut the stems. When cut, Daffodils produce a clear sap which can shorten the vase life of your other flowers.


Are my flowers harmful?


Please treat all flowers with caution and care. We do try to avoid flowers and plants which can be harmfull or poisonous to pets and animals, but we recommned handling your flowers with gloves, washing your hands before eating and noting that, none of our flowers and foliage are for eating.


Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! Gift cards can be ordered through our shop page and can be collected or posted straight to the recipient.

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