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5 reasons why micro weddings are the best.

a married couple riding a bicycle, followed by guests

A newly wed couple stood infront of a red door

When my husband and I got married back in 2014, we made the slightly unconventional decision to only invite 12 guests. Not the most popular decision we ever made! Micro weddings weren't as well known an idea and there were quite a few disgruntled people BUT we stuck to our plan and created our dream wedding.

 Post pandemic, micro weddings have risen in popularity - one good thing to have come out of lock down! Here are my top 5 reasons for why micro weddings are the best:

You can treat your guests really well

As you haven't got to feed every person and their dog, you can spend your budget on treating your small wedding party really well. After we had said our vows, we whisked our guests off to a whiskey bar in the heart of Edinburgh and followed that up with a truly delicious meal in their restaurant. As it was a small party, everybody had been able to choose exactly what they wanted off the menu beforehand. The next morning, we booked everyone in for breakfast for, what remains to this day, the best breakfast I have EVER eaten. We even got to try on a LOT of hats - what's not to love?!

A group of people wearing different hats.

You can actually talk to your guests

With just your closest friends and family present, you can actually talk properly to all your guests, rather than just trying to get round 200 people with a quick hug and a 'hello'.

Less expense

An obvious benefit - having less guests and therefore a smaller venue, less people to feed, less places to decorate (or no decorations needed at all!) equals having to spend less money on your wedding. Even if you decide to take them all out for a fancy meal. If we had had to have saved up for a huge wedding, it would have never happened and all we really wanted actually, was to get married!

A newly wed couple kissing.

SO much more relaxed!

A girl in a wedding dress stood at a chip shop counter, holding a bouquet

This was a big part of why we wanted a small wedding. As a couple of introverts, me and my husband couldn't think of anything more nerve wracking than standing up in front loads people (some of which we would barely know) and saying our vows! So having just a few guests there, our closest family and friends, made us feel so much more relaxed. It was also nice to be able to go with the flow a bit - having less guests meant not having to be so structured with our day, we could meander over to the restaurant after getting married and take photos along the way, we could choose to go for a cocktail at the end of the night and round off with a cheeky trip to the chip shop! Stress was minimal.

A newly wed couple standing in front of a church.

More personalised to you

Having a micro wedding allows you to do exactly what YOU, as a couple, want to do for your wedding. We wanted to get married in Edinburgh and it was much easier to scoop up our 12 guests and do that, than to have tried to organise a huge wedding party to get there. We loved that we were able to keep our day quite spontaneous - after our wedding breakfast, we went and checked out some of the other local pubs around us, which was SO much fun. We could pick and choose EXACTLY what we wanted as we weren't tied to choosing from a wedding package. Still looking back at it now, nearly 10 years later, there is nothing we would change.

A small wedding party standing on steps up to a building.

SO ...

If you are planning a micro wedding, we could not be more onboard - at Gouldberry we LOVE a micro wedding. If all you need is a bridal bouquet and buttonholes, we are here for you and we will work with you to make sure your flowers are personalised to you and fit into your special day. We can also offer table arrangments which you can easily pick up yourself to place on the tables. Whatever your vision is, we can't wait to help you make it a reality!

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