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Top 5 flowers for your winter wedding

Winter is a magical time for a wedding! It can be cosy and intimate in a way that is difficult to replicate during the rest of the year and if you are planning your big day around the festive season, this can also contribute to making your wedding that little bit extra special!

What CAN be tricky with a winter wedding, is deciding on what flowers to have - especially if you are trying to make more sustainable choices and want to avoid using imports where possible. If that's the case, you're in luck! Here are my top 5 flowers for a winter wedding that can be found from British suppliers.



First on my list are the irrestible Narcissi. Normally available from British growers from December onwards, they have the most amazing scent and come in beautiful, delicate shades of white to buttery yellow.



A great go-to British flower during the winter months Alstromeria are grown undercover in the UK most of the year round. They are a more delicate relation to Lillies, come in a range of colours and last amazingly well - particularly useful for adding to a bridal bouquet which needs to stay fresh looking out of water for most of the day!



Chrysanthemums have been given a bit of a bad rep over the years. You often find them in supermarkets, dyed a horrible shade of blue, sometimes covered in glitter (yikes) and they are normally the cheapest bunch in available. But, I am a Chrysanthemum convert after discovering the amazing range these flowers come in and they definitely should be on your list if you are having a winter wedding.



You can see why Ranunculus are known as the 'rose of Spring'! They are a must for Spring weddings, but can also be found available during the winter months from some British suppliers.



As with Narcissi, Tulips are becoming available earlier and earlier from British suppliers and thank goodness they are!

If you are looking for truly sustainable wedding flower options, some of these ideas might not be for you as they are mostly grown in heated tunnels. If that's the case you can also consider using dried flowers, which can be used to make incredible bridal bouquets and installations. Or you may wish to embrace winter foliage and berries for a seasonal, festive look!

Whatever you choose, winter is a great opportunity for getting creative, with a variety of British grown flowers and foliage available and the opportunity to add lots of interesting shapes and textures with dried flowers and berries!

Are you still looking for your wedding florist? Enquire here.

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